What are the benefits of cashless parking?

What are the benefits of cashless parking?

A survey from the AA shows 70 percent of motorists are less likely to use a car park if it only has mobile payments. Yet in the same survey, two thirds of the respondents complain that it is a challenge to have the right change for parking. There are massive benefits of cashless parking and the discrepancies between motorists behaviours and perceptions suggest those benefits need highlighting.

Go cashless, go green

Take congestion for example, 30 percent of inner-city traffic is caused by people looking for a parking space, increasing vehicle emissions. With cashless parking, payments can be made in a matter of minutes from the comfort of a car rather than the driver having to struggle with a ticket machine in the pouring rain. If we can speed up the parking process, not only will it improve motorists’ parking experience, it can help to reduce vehicle emissions.

With connected vehicle technology continuing to evolve, drivers will be able to pay for parking through their dashboard and be directed to free parking spaces across towns and cities. This contributes further to a reduction in traffic and makes parking even more seamless. 

Reinvesting in the future

Rushing to a meeting and worried it will overrun? Stuck in a queue at a checkout with two minutes left on your parking? One of the main benefits of mobile payment is that motorists are able to extend their parking without having to rush back to the machine and top up. This improves the overall customer experience.

Across the country, pay and display machines are targeted by opportunist criminals. By removing the pay and display machines, councils can save money on the maintenance and operating costs associated such as cash collection and counting.

Just recently, Chelmsford City Council made the decision to go cashless across all council-owned car parks due to a spate of vandalism and theft of pay and display machines. Motorists in Chelmsford can now pay using the MiPermit app or over the phone – removing the need to carry cash or display a ticket on dashboards. With the MiPermit app, there is no need to even register!

Data driving decisions

Cashless parking payments can also be used to help councils analyse information such as which car parks are being used most. They can then use that data to inform future planning, build more car parks or remove unnecessary cash machines.

MiPermit has more than three million loyal customers in the UK, showing a willingness for society to take the leap to cashless. Digital transformation can bring huge benefits for residents, visitors, local authorities, and the environment. Rather than scrambling for change to pay for parking, why not embrace change and start enjoying the benefits of cashless parking?

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