Focus on the future of parking

Focus on the future of parking

The Traffic and Parking Conference took place earlier this week in Manchester.  The one day forum brings together professionals from both the public and private sectors to discuss operational issues affecting many aspects of parking and traffic management; an area that is fast becoming a top priority for local authorities as they invest in smart city initiatives.

Leighton Ponting and Simon Cheung represented Chipside at the conference focusing on a key debate – the future of parking and how digital technology will play an important role.  They joined local authority officers, councillors, policymakers, technology experts, academics, consultants and campaigners to discuss topics such as reducing traffic congestion, delivering safer and healthier streets and enabling new approaches to mobility.

Understanding how traffic moves around our towns and cities and planning for parking demand, is a fundamental building block for smart city infrastructure.  Parking management professionals need to continue to deliver an essential public service and at the same time plan strategically for the future.  Increasingly, local councils are turning to smart digital technology to update and future proof parking management.

Chipside works with decision makers at more than 130 local councils in the UK to harness digital technology for more effective parking and traffic management.  The Chipside team uses the MiPermit platform to deliver a range of smart solutions customised to the requirements of different councils.  Across the country, we find that councils share common goals of improving operational performance and delivering a better overall customer experience to drivers.

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