Disparity grows across city parking

Disparity grows across city parking

A report from Insurethegap.com has revealed the best UK cities for parking. Research found Newcastle was the best place for affordable and available parking, with local motorists spending just £3.20 for two hours. Unsurprisingly, London was revealed as the most expensive, with parking in the capital costing motorists an average £11.25 for two hours.

No planning, no parking

Trying to find a parking space is getting more difficult. By 2050 the UN predicts the world will have 10 billion citizens and three billion extra cars.

For residents, journey planning is key. Researching parking availability or booking a space in advance can ultimately help reduce traffic and de-stress journeys. A recent survey found two thirds of drivers cancelled family outings because they could not face the stress of parking, while transport data firm Inrix calculated the average UK driver loses £1,317 each year from congestion and wastes an average total of four days every year looking for a parking space at their final destination.

Cashless and connected cities

Digital solutions are helping address and prevent a parking crisis. With the MiPermit app, motorists can pay for parking up to seven days in advance, cancel future parking if they are not going to need it – to ensure no parking space is wasted - and download receipts for business parking the day after it expires.

Its mobile, cashless payment option also gives drivers the freedom to pay for the minimum time they may require and extend this from anywhere should they need to. With no need to sprint back to the car with the right change, motorists no longer need to worry about accidental violations.

The council benefit

In addition to benefiting motorists, digital parking and permit solutions give local government authorities and agencies the opportunity to improve traffic flow and better manage and define parking and permit guidelines.

Parking and permit needs differ from council to council, depending on the availability of parking spaces and size of community. There is no “one size fits all” solution – but paper processes and old-fashioned applications are difficult to modify.

A digital permit system – such as MiPermit - makes it simpler for residents to update their details quickly and efficiently, but also for local authorities to manage queries. Each new application or renewal transaction generates a digital record that gives authorities more transparency and a stronger audit trail. Our MiPermit solution does not require someone to count the cash, issue the permits and ensure the right permit was used. It can all be done in the application.

With the help of our digital solutions, Colchester Borough Council moved from spending more than half a million pounds a year on parking to generating a surplus of one million pounds, saving more than £40,000 in stationery costs alone.

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