MiPermit sponsors Salisbury Armed Forces Day 2019

MiPermit sponsors Salisbury Armed Forces Day 2019

Last year it was announced the City of Salisbury would host the Armed Forces Day National Event in 2019. As a Wiltshire-based company keen to support local service men and women, MiPermit will join a select number of companies in sponsoring Salisbury’s programme.

Led by Wiltshire Council, the Salisbury Armed Forces Day event will take place over three days from 28th - 30th June at Hudson's Field and City Centre. With 250,000 people expected to attend, the event will shine a spotlight on the incredible dedication of the people of Wiltshire, both those on active service and those that support them.

A community to celebrate

Chipside is immensely proud to be based in Wiltshire and to be built upon the ingenuity, integrity and hard work of fifty local people. The county of Wiltshire and the Armed Forces are integral to each other and we have benefitted from the skills of many former military people in our own company. 

As an institution the Military is a hotbed for technological innovation – in fact, the army has invented more products than any other agency, company or organisation in history. The complex histories of computer science and computer engineering were shaped almost entirely by military funding and the armed forces have spearheaded research in drone technology, digital cameras, medicines and GPS – amongst many more.

This is why MiPermit is sponsoring Salisbury’s Armed Forces Weekend from 28-30 June. With an incredibly talented and skilled workforce in the region - driven by its link to the military and fantastic educational establishments – Wiltshire is the perfect home for innovative technology companies like us.  

For more information about the event, visit: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/salisbury-nafd



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