Chipside heads to Smart City Expo in Taipei

Chipside heads to Smart City Expo in Taipei

On the 26th March, Chipside will join the Department for International Trade (DIT) at the Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei. Taiwan is eager to develop smart cities as part of its economic growth strategy. Paul Moorby, Chipside CEO, has been invited to attend.

A Taiwanese tech hub 

Tech hubs across Asia are vying to be the region’s top destination for global entrepreneurs. Taiwan was once Asia’s hardware manufacturing centre but it is now realising its potential for cultivating innovation. Global industry leaders including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and ARM have set up R&D centers in Taiwan - not only attracted by business opportunities, but also by Taiwan’s ranking by the World Economic Forum as 13th in global competitiveness and 4th in innovation capability. To boost this ecosystem further, the region is inviting other entrepreneurs and innovative companies from overseas to see the potential in Taiwanese business. 

The DIT in Taipei has recruited UK companies specialising in IoT, AI, Health Tech, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), and 5G applications to join a Smart Cities Trade Mission and exhibit at the Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei in March 2019.

A place with potential 

Chipside attended the event in 2018 and saw first-hand the country’s impressive tech ecosystem, built on an internet infrastructure and with top-quality engineering talent. Taiwan’s universities graduate a total of 10,000 computer scientists and information systems management people per year.

In March 2018 the event attracted more than 30,000 professional visitors and it is anticipated more than 40,000 will attend this year – with 1000 booths representing cities, technology advancers and service providers. 

Leading smart city innovation 

Chipside is a leader in the world of parking and traffic management IT and we now provide products and services to a quarter of local and regional government traffic authorities in the UK. This means we work with more than 130 local government authorities to deliver smart city initiatives to villages, towns, cities and regions.

Alongside other innovative companies and individuals, we have played our part in driving smart city adoption and understanding in the UK. We look forward to showcasing this UK innovation with other DIT members in Taiwan and meeting with smart cities stakeholders from around the globe.

You can find Chipside - and our CEO Paul Moorby – at the DIT stand during the event.  

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