Parking in your city: why to go digital

Parking in your city: why to go digital

A survey conducted by spacehopper found two thirds of drivers cancelled family outings because they could not face the stress of parking, while some even described searching for a space as 'worse than visiting the dentist'.

Local authorities can now deploy digital technologies to help reduce daily stresses for its city’s residents. Chipside currently works with more than half of all UK councils to deliver digital parking solutions that give citizens and local businesses the ability to pay for parking and permits using mobile, telephone or the Internet. How will the switch from paper to digital benefit residents? 

Pain-free parking

Transport data firm Inrix calculated the average UK driver loses £1,317 each from congestion and wastes an average total of four days every year looking for a parking space at their destination. But mobile parking and permit solutions can help cities operate more efficiently and manage their population growth. 

Removing the hassle of coins and improving the communication between local authorities and users will go some way in increasing customer satisfaction. Not to mention, with mobile parking payments customers also have the freedom to pay for the minimum time they may need to park for and extend this from anywhere should they need to top up. There is no need to sprint back to the car with the right change to avoid a ticket.

With MiPermit you can pay your parking up to seven days in advance, cancel future parking if you are not going to need it and download VAT receipts or business parking the day after parking expires.

Flexible permitting

Many parking licenses and permits are still handled through old fashioned methods and it is not uncommon for citizens to be forced to visit a local city office to apply for a simple residential parking permit. By digitising operations, local authorities are giving residents access to a quicker, more efficient application and purchase process where permits can be purchased online and valid for use almost immediately.

With MiPermit residents can buy permits online at any time of day - 24 hours a day. Residents do not need to wait for permits to arrive in the post because they can be used right away and stored safely on a mobile device. 

Trusted parking patrols

Parking penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued by authorities in England increased by 6.3% from 4,252,776 to 4,521,724 in 2016/2017.  For drivers appealing to local authorities against a notice they feel was unfairly issued, there are a number of grounds for appeal, such as signs being wrong or there being an error on the ticket. However, fighting a fine can be a lengthy and stressful process.

Chipside’s integration with local government parking inspectors’ machines, however, means they are unable to issue a penalty notice unless a car is conclusively in breach. If a resident is in the right, they are protected.

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