How Chipside and Cardiff Council are modernising parking payments

How Chipside and Cardiff Council are modernising parking payments

Earlier this year, Cardiff Council identified a need to improve the security of parking machines across the city, following a spate of thefts and vandalism.  The Council also highlighted the opportunity to modernise how people paid for parking to reflect the trend towards a cashless society; it is a well-known fact that debit card payments have overtaken cash as the preferred form of payment.  In addition, people are increasingly choosing to pay using their mobile phones.

The MiPermit digital platform was ideal for this purpose.  We were delighted to expand our work with Cardiff Council and deliver an integrated and future-proofed system for parking management.  MiPermit’s track record showed the technology was flexible enough to accommodate Cardiff’s specific requirements, including offering a service in both the English and Welsh languages.

MiPermit was quickly rolled out to the majority of street pay and display parking areas across the city and the deployment has now reached 90% of the council’s car parks.  Residents and visitors no longer have the frustration of carrying the right change for parking or having to seek out a cash machine before they can park their car.  Instead, people can simply pay for parking online by accessing the MiPermit app.

Using MiPermit, the Council has also achieved significant cost savings.  No longer needing staff to collect cash from machines, the parking team has more time to deliver an improved customer experience for drivers in the city.  There has been a notable reduction in vandalism and theft from parking machines as they no longer carry cash.

The walking school bus

Cardiff Council is also working with the Chipside team to fully realise the benefits that MiPermit can offer which goes well beyond the original brief of delivering a cashless parking solution.

The Council is always looking at innovation for easing traffic congestion, particularly around rush hour and school drop off and collection.  One school recently introduced a walking school bus in the Cardiff Bay area of the city.  Parents can use the MiPermit platform to book online for a time slot, which allows them to drop their children to a car park to join a fully supervised walking bus to school. 

Using MiPermit for the future

The MiPermit digital solution is enabling the Council to integrate with other areas of parking management, including enforcement, and is currently looking at MiPermit for the provision of electronic visitor and resident permits, blue badge applications and establishing wider secure links to other Council services.

“Cardiff has a defined strategy to establish its status as a connected and smart city and the Chipside team is fully invested to help deliver digital parking and traffic management technology,” says Paul Moorby OBE, CEO, Chipside. “We are excited that Cardiff Council has a goal of using MiPermit to provide live data to run smart parking centres and we are confident that we can continue to use MiPermit to deliver innovative solutions to re-invest in Cardiff’s future.”


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