World Governments Need To Prioritise Smart Parking

World Governments Need To Prioritise Smart Parking

Earlier this week, the BBC reported on one of the world’s latest smart parking innovations in Addis Ababa.  Ethiopia’s capital city has long been plagued with traffic congestion problems, largely due to drivers parking on the sides of busy roads.  As a way of addressing this, the country’s traffic management agency has come up with a solution that stacks cars up to 15 storeys high, also weighing and measuring cars to ensure they are organised in the most efficient way.

United Nations has predicted that by 2050, around 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, which means that traffic congestion can only become an even more critical issue over the next few decades. With this pressure on our towns and cities, world governments need to prioritise smart parking and traffic management solutions to ease congestion and reduce pollution levels.

Chipside has been focused on using digital technology to more intelligently manage traffic ever since our foundation in the early 2000s.  We use digital platforms to address a range of parking and traffic management requirements in towns, cities and rural areas across the UK and beyond.  MiPermit, enables us to fully customise parking solutions for the 130 local authorities we work with and we are continuing to innovate with our technology as more councils strive to achieve smart city objectives.

In recent years, we have helped Bath Council to set up a digital permitting system for coaches conveying people to and from the city’s Christmas markets, which has helped to ease traffic congestion during the festive period.  Then in Cardiff, MiPermit is not only used across the city in cashless parking machines, but the council is also trying out a solution to ease traffic congestion around a local school.  This involves using digital permitting for a walking school bus to drop and collect children either end of the school day.

On their own, these types of innovations make small steps towards easing traffic congestion and delivering improvements to the local area in which they operate.  Taking a strategic view, the combined effort driven by world leaders will have to make a measurable difference to the planet’s traffic headaches over the next few years.  



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