Effective parking management inherently linked to smart city initiatives

Effective parking management inherently linked to smart city initiatives

According to a report from US based research firm, Market Research Engine, the parking management market is expected to exceed more than US $9 billion by 2024.  The report discusses global industry trends and analysis for the next five years.  Across the world, countries are facing a common challenge of how to better manage the increasing volume of traffic on our roads and the problems of traffic congestion.

The pressure on parking spaces is one consideration in effective traffic management, along with smoother traffic flow, easing congestion and strategies for environmentally friendly transport.  In turn, this is linked into the wider picture of smart cities.  At Chipside, we firmly believe that technology is a key enabler for measurable improvements in parking and traffic management. 

Our digital parking platforms MiPermit and Oppidatim are already helping many of the UK’s local councils to manage car parking spaces more efficiently, speed up permitting services and manage traffic flows in towns and cities in a more informed way. In addition, councils are using MiPermit to deliver a better, more responsive, customer experience to residents and visitors. 

Chipside’s smart parking and traffic management systems collect large amounts of live data which enables local authorities to combine layers of data. For example, real-time traffic levels can be combined with on-street parking survey data to better understand the relationship between supply, demand and driver behaviour at different times of the day.

This issue will become increasingly important as urbanisation continues and environmental concerns continue to drive new behaviours.  Like so many global issues, technology holds the key to delivering more efficient and effective solutions to traffic management.

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